Mustang Round Up Results!

Saturday, February 27th was the first official day of competition per CIF rules. Many schools have not had the chance to compete however as of right now we have many athletes who deserve to be highlighted as having incredible performances:

Caden Wiles 3rd in OC in 800m
Gunnar Robinson 4th in OC in 800m
Bryan Llopis 3rd in OC in 1600m
Cameron Hurd #1 in OC in 110H, #2 in State
Chris Doerr #2 in OC in PV (#4 in State), #5 in OC in 300IH and #11 in State
Jake Burns #7 in OC in LJ (#1 Freshman in State!)
Jeremy Boihem 4th in OC in PV
Zach Beckett 4th in OC in PV
Men's 4x400 Team #1 team in OC (#10 in the State)

Full list of Results can be found HERE