TH Boys South Coast League Results

South Coast League Finals

League Finals saw 3 school records broken, 7 League Champions, and 10 Athletes move on to CIF Division 1 Prelims. It was a good day!

League Champions:

Cameron Hurd in Varsity 110H with 14.52 (New School Junior Record) CIF QUALIFIED 
Cameron Hurd in Varsity 300H with 37.94 CIF QUALIFIED 
Collin Hurd in F/S 300H with 41.99 (New Freshman Record)
Varsity 4x400 Team (Nick Ramirez, Noah Strenn, Cameron Hurd, Jake CueroCIF QUALIFIED 
Sean Lee in Varsity High Jump CIF QUALIFIED 
Luke Newman in Varsity Pole Vault CIF QUALIFIED 
Jeremy Boiehem in F/S Pole Vault

Other Athletes who medaled:

Boys F/S 4x100 2nd place (Hurd, Huynh, Caballero, Germain)
Boys Varsity 4x100 2nd place (Kraft, StrennUkah, Cuero) CIF QUALIFIED 
Kyle Hess in 4th in 1600
Tommy Germain 2nd in F/S 110H
Ben Huynh 2nd in F/S 400m
Noah Strenn 2nd in Varsity 400m CIF QUALIFIED
Nick Ramirez 3rd in Varsity 400m CIF QUALIFIED
Jake Cuero 5th in Varsity 400m
Collin Hurd 4th in F/S 100m
Tyler Kraft 3rd in Varsity 100m CIF QUALIFIED
Gunnar Robinson 2nd in Varsity 800m CIF QUALIFIED
Chris Doerr 5th in Varsity 300H
Ben Huynh 3rd in F/S 200m
Kelechi Ukah 4th in Varsity 200m
Colin Schooler 2nd in Varsity Long Jump with 20'11.50" CIF QUALIFIED and New School Sophomore Record
Chris Doerr 2nd in Varsity Pole Vault CIF QUALIFIED
Patrcik Olaries 5th in Varsity Triple Jump
Danny Clark 5th in F/S Long Jump
Vincent Ouellette 5th in F/S Pole Vault

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